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Science Meets technology

Pediatric digital health Approach

Preventive health using Software as a medical device (SAMD) helps to acquire, analyze and detect patterns in physiological data, which is linked to emotional and psychological states. Ori Purpose-fit emotional regulation experience for children with emotional dysregulation

Ori is devoted to filling the gaps in digital therapeutics with real time detection and self-assessment tools for families. At MaxisHealth, we care about helping children thrive, supporting positive family relationships, and offering early detection of childhood mental health problems. Our goal is to improve quality of life for the entire family.


Biosensors and known facts

  • Wearable biosensors help capture measurable biomedical signals or changes in your child  1  that are linked to emotional and psychological states.
  • Our biosensors are portable, non-invasive, real time wearables offering continuous monitoring, adaptability and detection of emerging mental health problems.
  • PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensors are cutting edge devices that measure how heart activity is affected by psychological and environmental stressors. They offer measures of HRV (Heart Rate Variability), a physiological markers for stress and anxiety.  2,3,4,5
  • Skin temperature (SKT) sensors are sophisticated temperature-capturing devices that continuously track changes in body thermoregulation. Skin temperature changes in response to psychological states and stressors and offers insight into the child’s internal experience. 6,7
  • Accelerometers measure movement and physical activity, which offer crucial input into what a child is experiencing and predicting what will happen next.

Biofeedback, data and pattern

  • Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that involves real-time visual and audio feedback to teach people to recognize the physical signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety. These signals include heart rate, body temperature, and muscle tension changes.
  • The combination of wearable biosensors, machine learning algorithms and patterns that analyze data and offer you specific strategies to use in challenging situations with our child. These prescribed skills training sessions are based on scientifically-proven HRV biofeedback, which kicks in when children’s emotions are out of balance.
  • Recent scientific research has proven that HRV biofeedback is highly effective for better emotional regulation and control in children with behavior difficulties. 8, 9
  • HRV biofeedback is found to improve attention, executive functioning and an overall functioning in people with a variety of mental health and medical challenges. 10
  • Family Coping Program : The family coping program trains parents to use co-regulations skills, which in turn has a calming effect on the child. Parent-child intervention techniques have been repeatedly proven to be the font-line evidence-based treatment for childhood behavioral problems. 11,12

AI & Ori

  • Biosensors measure complex physiological data and converts it into tangible and meaningful psychological insights.
  • Our multi-sensor wearable and companion app monitors heart rate, peripheral skin temperature and physical activity alongside our artificial intelligence algorithm which offers an unprecedented and immersive product experience.
  • Our cutting edge personalized machine model alerts parents/caregivers during times of emotional dysregulation. It self-prescribes emotional regulation techniques which are based on HRV biofeedback. Thereby allowing your child to self-manage big feelings at the comfort of their homes.
  • Technology driving this product learns, pattern matches and predicts in real time for a faster, uninterrupted digital health experience – which seamlessly integrates into your current lifestyle.