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emotions in early childhood

Big feelings can be overwhelming

Grumpiness, outbursts, and meltdowns can feel like they come out of nowhere! Children can react unexpectedly to everyday situations – like a change in plans or not getting their way. Many children have sensitivities or difficulties – like ADHD, sensory differences, anxiety or trauma — that cause them to have even bigger reactions. When children begin to feel out of control, it is natural for parents to also feel flooded and helpless, or even angry. Big feelings can also get in the way of the child’s success at school, at home, with friends, or during activities.

Childhood Mental Health is Important

Children’s brains are growing rapidly, and it can be hard for them learn to understand, express, and cope with the emotions they experience. Skills learned in childhood, however, lay the foundation for healthy development into the teen years and adulthood. When children don’t learn the skills they need to self-soothe and problem solve during big feelings, it affects self-esteem and well-being and can impact quality of life longterm1
Worldwide, 10% of children and adolescents experience a mental disorder, but the majority of them do not seek help or receive care. 1
1 in 6 U.S. children between the ages of 6 and 17 has a treatable mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety problems or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 2
The COVID19 pandemic was disruptive for PK-12 youth, and increased stress and anxiety levels in them. There was a clear connection between the mental health of caregivers and that of children. 3

Our Singular Mission “Personalize Healthcare."

We are building a model of care that leverages digital innovation to deliver truly personalized care for the patient suffering from chronic and preventable conditions, while improving accessibility to broader healthcare system in an equitable manner.


Introducing Ori an AI driven multi sensor non -invasive Digital mental health platform that is designed to monitor, detect, intervene and help manage your child’s emotions.

Ori is for children and their parents or caregiver.