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A First-in-Class Digital Mental Health Platform for Children

What Is bloom?

A personalized digital mental health Platform which helps children and parents recognize, understand and manage emotions

Personalization | Continuous Monitoring | Detection | Intervention | Parent Coping Program | Community Based Care


Non-invasive biosensor wearable

Consists of PPG (Photoplethysmography), ACC (Accelerometer) and SKT (Skin temperature) sensors that capture subtle physiological changes and connect them with emotional shifts.


Self-Assessment Tool

Early detection, and support help progressive symptoms and Improve the quality of life for the WHOLE family.


Deep Learning Algorithm

Analyzes data and delivers prescriptive actions and suggestions in a proactive manner.


Robust Intervene Program

Offers extensive knowledge and science-backed skills that equips you to cope with and manage your child’s big feelings. Personalized child training program to improve self-reliance in children and helps manage emerging mental health symptoms.


Data driven insights

Helps healthcare monitor and update your child’s mental health treatment plan, even outside clinic walls.

bloom Offers To Your Family

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Parenting is HARD!

And it’s even harder when your child has challenging emotions, impulsivity, aggression or has a clinical diagnosis.

children learn to calm

While we can’t control our child’s emotions, science has proven that children learn to calm themselves by “co-regulating” alongside a caregiver.


Co-regulating means modeling coping and calming skills, which in turn has a ripple effect on your child. It teaches them to tolerate and cope with negative emotions that fuel challenging behaviors.

Continuous monitoring

Real time insights at your fingertips.

Self-assessment tool

Routinely assess your child’s mental health.

Advanced algorithm

Notify parents before a possible meltdown. / to pre-notify parents of a possible meltdown.

Child Intervention and Parent Coping Program

Aimed at self-management of children’s emotions. Parent Coping Program to help foster quality relationships driven by empathy, care and sound knowledge.


bloom generated reports are sharable with health care providers and teachers.

Personalized Digital health diary

Log and track your child’s mental health journey.

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Emotions and behaviors fuel each other and can lead to either positive or negative cycles in your home.
If you've ever watched your child struggle with their emotions, then this product is for you! bloom is a wearable device inspired by children’s emotions and caters to their ever-changing needs.